Week two: Kristen Liu-Wong on the Bowery

"Still Life with Head" (2016) by Kristen Liu-Wong. Photo by Luna Park.

"Still Life with Head" (2016) by Kristen Liu-Wong. Photo by Luna Park.

Last week's launch really surprised us. We hoped people would like what we were up to, but we weren't expecting that Hyperallergic's article would do quite so well, or that we'd get a mention in Artforum. I guess people are excited.

Unfortunately, the company that manages the payphone we installed our first poster in also noticed. They are not as excited as the rest of us. Adam Wallacavage's poster is already gone, and it's been replaced with an ad. In the future, we won't be revealing the exact locations of our installations while they're still up, in the hope that they'll last a bit longer if we don't share that info.

This week's poster is from Kristen Liu-Wong, an artist out of LA who has shown at Swizz Beatz' No Commission fair and New Image Art in LA, among other places. We really love Kristen's work, and apparently other people do too, because we think an overzealous fan stole her poster off the street a few days after it went up! Luckily, the fantastic Jaime Rojo from Brooklyn Street Art was able to stop by just in time, and Kristen's poster can be found in BSA's Images of the Week.

Next week promises to be one of the strangest week's in our nation's history, to put it mildly. We'll be sure to reflect that in the next Art in Ad Places installation, so keep an eye out.

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