Since the day we launched, the media has been responding to Art in Ad Places. Here's a selection of that coverage:

  • An article on Hyperallergic revealed the project to the world, along with photos of our first installation (by Adam Wallacavage).
  • Hyperallergic's article was picked up by Artforum.
  • A mention in Adweek was an interesting surprise. Still not quite sure what the advertising industry thinks of the project.
  • Our co-curators spoke with Widewalls about what Art in Ad Places aims to do, and how things have been going so far.
  • They also spoke with Tom Power on CBC's q radio program about trying to bring beauty and an attitude of giving back to public space.
  • Philadelphia's StreetsDept noticed that quite a few Art in Ad Places artists (and both co-curators) have strong ties to Philly (a city with a rich community of ad-busting artists).
  • The Nation says, "Art in Ad Places is a continuation in the decades-long history of culture jamming and anti-advertising activism. What distances the project from some of its contemporaries is its lack of a pedantic attitude toward its work. Instead of promoting the end of capitalism or treating the general public as 'sheeple' in need of an awakening, Art in Ad Places asks people to participate in the reimagining of public space as a venue to promote something other than, say, deodorant."
  • Caroline spoke with Gothamist about the feminist inspirations behind Art in Ad Places.
  • New Stand described Art in Ad Places as, "the most important public art project going on in NYC."