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The Knowledge

Although the idea may seem intimidating at first, ad takeovers aren't difficult once you know what you're doing. Our friends at Brandalism have a great how-to guide to get you started. Do note, however, that some of the technical aspects of the guide (the specific tools, the size of the paper, the companies likely to manage the ad kiosks...) are specific to bus shelters. Our book also covers some of the philosophy and tactics behind ad takeovers.

The Tools to Take Part

Opening up an ad kiosk just takes the right tool. Companies like to use "tamper-resistant" screws on their ad kiosks. However, most tamper-resistant screws can be opened with tools that are inexpensive and surprisingly easy to find. Here are a few links to assemble your own ad hack toolbox.

To get started, a $15 kit covers the majority of the keys you are likely to come across. Equivalent kits can be found at any good hardware store.

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Add a 4-way utility key, and you have access to even more kiosks.

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For the more obscure screws used on some bus shelter ad kiosks, PublicAdCampaign sells custom tools and provides a handy map to show you which tools can be used in your city. Check #YeahWeGotKeysForThat on Instagram to see how others are using PublicAdCampaign's tools.

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In some cities, you may come up against tri-groove screws. A little more difficult to find and more expensive, tri-groove bits are nonetheless available online.

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