Prescience and Positivity

Hope and Promise  by Jamel Shabazz. Photo by Luna Park.

Hope and Promise by Jamel Shabazz. Photo by Luna Park.

It was almost a year ago that we reached out to Jamel Shabazz about participating in Art in Ad Places. At first, he suggested a really beautiful shot of a women chilling in Williamsburg sometime maybe in the early 2000's. That photo was pure cool. And we were down to install it. But then Jamel changed his mind. He asked if he could submit a different photo instead.

Jamel says, "As an artist, it is my responsibility to use my gift to create images that provoke thought and inspire positive change. I accepted the invitation to participate in Art in Ad Places, due to the ever growing divide and escalation of hate crimes in this country. The image I selected represents the innocence of children in a world full of uncertainty. It is my hope that this photograph will inspire tolerance, empathy, and compassion."

Jamel sent "Hope and Promise" to us in September 2016. It took us a while to get the piece installed (that's another story), but it almost goes without saying that it's as relevant today as it was a year ago. As always, we're happy to put some good vibes into the world, and honored to work with such a legendary, thoughtful, and prescient artist.

Hope and Promise  by Jamel Shabazz. Photo by Luna Park.

Hope and Promise by Jamel Shabazz. Photo by Luna Park.