Live. Love. Resist.

Poster by Jetsonorama. Photo by Luna Park.

Poster by Jetsonorama. Photo by Luna Park.

While Jetsonorama spent the day in DC at the People's Climate March, we thought we would share some of his artwork in Brooklyn. Jetsonorama runs the Painted Desert Project, bringing street artists to install murals in the Navajo Nation, and he also puts up his own wheatpastes there. He's one of the world's most notable rural street artists.

It it no accident that we installed this piece on the day of the People's Climate March. Jetsonorama explains, "This piece speaks to the role of indigenous communities working on the front lines in the global struggle to protect the earth while acknowledging the need to take care of oneself. More specifically, in the current context of our political environment the piece encourages us to not normalize hatred, bigotry, sexism, racism, homophobia, patriarchy, the unsustainable practice of exploiting carbon based resources and to nurture ourselves as we support our brothers + sisters in the struggle. In short, resist the bullshit."

Jetsonorama also pointed us to a must-read essay about the dangers of advertising (including the ecological dangers) by Sut Jahally, particularly this quote:

20th century advertising is the most powerful and sustained system of propaganda in human history and its cumulative cultural effects, unless quickly checked, will be responsible for destroying the world as we know it. As it achieves this it will be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of non-western peoples and will prevent the peoples of the world from achieving true happiness. Simply stated, our survival as a species is dependent upon minimizing the threat from advertising and the commercial culture that has spawned it.

We couldn't agree more. Advertising promotes levels of consumption and attitudes about people and things that are unhealthy not just on an individual level, but on a global/species-wide scale. We need to explore and promote alternatives.