The End, or a Next Step?

Artwork by Faust. Photo by Luna Park.

Artwork by Faust. Photo by Luna Park.

Surprise! We've got one special bonus installation left before the new year. We cannot think of a message we'd rather be ending on than this piece by Faust, based on an Oscar Wilde quote.

Faust said, "Although this work represents the end of the Art in Ad Places campaign, I wanted share a message of resilience and optimism for the future."

Resilience and optimism. That's really the note to go out on. This is the end of a campaign, but not the end of our work. We don't know what 2018 will look like. We don't know what outdoor advertising is going to look like, or how we can disrupt it given the shift towards digital displays. So we’re going to take a breather and rest for a moment on this high note, because 2017 was a bit of a marathon. No more weekly updates.

The future is a chance for Art in Ad Places to evolve and take a more thoughtful approach. Maybe we’ll try out some bus shelters, or we’ll start reaching out to poets and scientists and game designers and neighbors to see what they want to put in place of ads. Maybe we’ll finally run a few workshops to train a new generation of ad takeover activists. If you have ideas, we’re all ears.

Faust's work marks the end of a campaign, but things are not yet fine. There's more to be done. And besides, fucking with the advertisers feels too damn good.